Arete’ Merlot-Cabernet Blend

Composition: 85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet                       Harvest Date: September 24th-Oct 30th
Sauvignon                                                                                pH: 3.69

 Vineyard Source: Mt. Juliet Vineyard and                    Acidity: 4.92 grams/Liter 
Crown Orchard Vineyard in Charlottesville,
Quaker Run Vineyard in Madison                                     Sweetness: Dry

Fermentation: All lots fermented separately
and averaged 14 days in contact with 
skins at 88o F.

Aging: Individual lots fermented separately
and averaged 14 months in a mix of French and
American oak barrels

Comments: Our Arete’ Merlot-Cabernet Blend is a master blend of the two great Bordeaux varieties. Merlot for color and a fruit-forward focus and Cabernet Sauvignon for structure, balance and tannins. The French knew long ago that these two varieties completed each other and they have been married for centuries. A big wine with deep, rich tones. Dark fruit such as black current and cherry prevail. The finish is long with notes of smoke and vanilla. Pairs nicely with roasted meats, braised root vegetables and grilling.



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