2008 Cabernet Franc

Composition: 95% Cabernet Franc                            Harvest Date: October 23rd –October 31st
blended with 5% Merlot

Vineyard Source: Mountain View                              pH: 3.63
Vineyard in Roanoke                                                      Acidity: 5.78 grams/Liter

Fermentation: 16 days in contact with                     Sweetness: Dry
skins at 88o F in stainless steel.

Aging: 18 months in both French and American
oak barrels.

Comments: This Cabernet Franc showcases the rich cherry, spice and roasted coffee bean characteristics that make this variety so popular. Try this wine with roasted red meats such as beef and lamb and pairs well with herbs such as rosemary and thyme.



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