Composition: This sweet red wine is                            pH: 3.45
composed of Merlot blended with a
proprietary mix of Dark Chocolate,                             Acidity: 5.89 grams/Liter
Brazilian White Cocoa and Hazelnut 

Fermentation: 17 days at 68ยบ F                                    Sweetness: 6.05%
in stainless steel

Aging: 100% stainless steel for 12 months

Comments: Our Rapidan River Chocolate is a wonderfully decadent delight. The perfect pair of red wine and chocolate. And what a chocolate we have here! As the composition reflects, we spared nothing to arrive at the perfect nexus of chocolate nuance. Dark chocolate for deep, lingering richness, white cocoa for true cocoa bean characteristics and to top it off, a hint of hazelnut in the background to fill in the gaps. While this wine is sweet, it is no sweeter than a fine Belgium chocolate. At first opening, it fills the room with its magical aromatics. This wine can stand alone but is also a nice pair with nuts, dried fruits or event pound cake


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