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The Suites at Prince Michel 

Savor the Tradition and Elegance of  Prince Michel!     


The Suites at Prince Michel are spacious and elegant one-bedroom suites decorated in the French provincial style. Each Suite features a luxurious bath, romantic fireplace, galley kitchen, and majestic vineyard and mountain views from a secluded garden patio. Individually designed and named to recall all the charms of the French countryside, guests can choose from the blue and beige of the La Concorde, the green and gold of the Les Champs Elysees, the tailored elegance of La Tour Eiffel, or the provincial charm of La Paris.

Limited concierge service is available during regular business hours. For pricing, reservations, and or, options for longer rentals please call Prince Michel at 1-800-800-wine (9463) or email at

Prince Michel will be happy to recommend, and or, arrange for dinner reservations at the best central Virginia restaurants! 

Wine Club Members receive 15% discount.

No pets are allowed in the suites. 

A $50 + tax nonrefundable deposit is due at the time of booking.  Once booked, you will receive a call back from Shannon, one of our lovely wine shop managers, to take down your information for the deposit. 

Check us out on one of the top places to stay by Charlottesville guide!

*Cable Network Service provided by Dish Network

*WiFi not available at the Suites (It can be accessed at the Winery)

*No Landline phone 

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